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Welcome to Lowcountry Pet Fixers, a private program dedicated to connecting Berkeley County, SC residents with lower cost pet spay and neuter services for their pets!

Established in 2024, our goal is simple: to help as many county residents as possible to secure affordable spay and neuter services for their companion pets.



There is one animal shelter serving Berkeley County’s area of 1,234 square miles? In 2023, this shelter reported 4,732 animal intakes, whether through animal control (stray or court cases), community stray drop off or owner surrenders. Data shows that intakes are overwhelmingly not spayed or neutered and the majority of the shelter’s euthanized animals are unaltered.

The reasons to spay and neuter far outweigh outdated notions that pets should remain unaltered. The community as a whole is safer when pets are not roaming free; pets are less likely to be diagnosed with reproductive health issues or cancers; and the local animal shelters will experience less intakes as a result of getting the overpopulation crisis under control.


The time for change is NOW!

There are not enough adopters for the volume of homeless pets in our area and the only way to help save the lives of these at-risk animals is through affordable spay and neuter.



The cry for lower cost spay and neuter services has been heard and we now have a solution for county residents! Browse this site to learn more about low cost spay and neuter options now available for Berkeley County SC pet owners and to apply for a voucher!




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This program is privately managed and not sponsored by or affiliated with Berkeley Animal Center or any one shelter, rescue or veterinary office.


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